The Ox that Rocks: 2021

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Last year marked the Year of the Rat, the first animal on the Chinese zodiac, while 2021 will signify the Year of the Ox, the second in the cycle. Many view the ox as being symbolic of hardworking attitudes and reliability because of its role in agriculture. (1)

Ancient Chinese character representing the number eight.

China Is The oldest continuous civilization in the world. The Chinese use characters to represent words. The word boat is defined with three components: vessel, eight, and people. Why? It reportedly hearkens back to the time of Noah. World Cultural Histories converge to prove that all human genealogies trace back to Noah and his three sons and their wives. Eight souls entered Noah’s Ark. Traditionally this has been the origin of Ancient Chinese character representing the number eight. (2) 

God hath made man upright to serve Him infinitely.

Th number eight and the symbol of infinity are the same (except one is verticle and the other horizontal). Even though the Infinity Symbol represents an independent symbol mathematically, theoretically using a rose is a rose paradigm they are the same. “God hath made man upright.” (3)

Unveiling Tricks of Man’s Enemy

This also can be seen in the fact that mankind was created by God to stand upright and to rule forever upon His Creation. (3) Satan tried to destroy this by diluting the seed of man with his culture of demons (Gen. 6). Since Satan has no new tricks this same tactic is happening today. The enemy of mankind seeks to destroy man by diluting manhood and instituting a hybrid man to replace the upright man of God. Stay alert and be diligent to serve God upright and serve how God intended us to serve Him forever. 

  3. Ecclesiastes 7:9 KJV