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BECOMING a FORCE OF GOOD: Good is an Action Word

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Bread Day Ministries was established November 2010 with Reginald and Carolyn Boswell distributing bread products and Christian tracts to four Halfway houses, three non-profit organizations and to numerous individual families in Meridianville, Huntsville, and Toney areas of Madison County, AL.
Bread Day Ministries logo established November 2010

The other day I saw a bumper sticker that read “I believe in Good.” I immediately thought that it was a typo which added an o. However, after further examination and thought, I knew I was reading right.  Good is best used as a verb, I thought; as an action, for example as applied when reading about the life of Jesus.  Jesus said. “there is none good but one, that is, God.” (Matt. 10:18).

God is good all time and all the time  God is good.”

As a harmonious symphony combines distinct parts to make a whole, blending in with God should be the goal of every believer.  God is the, I AM. Thus, people should merge with the force of good completing I AM mission statements. When people say negative things about you, never let the things said, deter your mission, but first examine to check the validity of their words.

Jesus went about doing good (Act 10:38).

I am sure people spoke negatively about his motives.  I suggest that the only reference point they could base their judgments were their own consciousness.  Jesus went about doing good.  Jesus was a revolutionary.  We should emulate Him by going about doing good also, and above all having faith in God!  Doing good in the realm of faith pleases God which is God’s plan for man and man’s ultimate goal.

When functioning in cooperation with the CEO of the Universe outer space.enews.buddhistdoor.comnothing shall be held back from any believer. The Heroes of Faith testify of this and the many who have overcome the world through merging with the purposes of God in their lifetime.

Made Good

Conversion from perversion is the ultimate goal of doing well when usefully applied to advance some wholesome purpose. Good is not a degree, but a state of being.  Contrarily, it is unwise to advance evil, but those that do must convert good to evil.  What side are you on?   To remain unchanged is man’s ultimate folly.  Degrees of perversion are not relative in the eyes of God; because, God consistently abides as good but reserves evil for judgment.

Man’s rate of exchange to become acceptable to God.

Time changes matter but does not pervert matter, wrong decisions pervert matter.  Matter later atrophies into states unrecognizable by man but separated by God (i.e. the soul).  The soul is separated by God and the decisions made in the body either perverts the soul or makes one well.  This makes God the Great Judge and mankind subject to either being unchanged or converted good. Since evil cannot become good, evil must be exchanged for good through substitution.  While living after a substitution is made evil must be forsaken and ignored unless it is perverted into evil by the substitute. Thusly, sin was exchanged for righteousness through the Blood of Christ and made available to all. This is orchestrated by the Hand of God who abides eternally good.


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Lawrence's last words are memorialized inscribed upon this vessel
Lawrence’s last words are memorialized inscribed upon this vessel

Captain James Lawrence commanded the USS Chesapeake in a single ship action against the British HMS Shannon during the War of 1812. He is probably best known today for his dying command “Don’t give up the ship!” Captain Lawrence, was mortally wounded by small arms fire. He ordered his officers, “Don’t give up the ship. Fight her till she sinks. Men carried him below, and his crew was overwhelmed by a British boarding party shortly afterward. James Lawrence died of his wounds on 4 June 1813[/caption]

Don’t give up the ship

when tangled with demons,

Fight, Fight, Fight!

They never told me the truth

They never gave me a reason.

Who are they?

Are they men?

Are they women?

No not children and not a baby.

Yet in bodies of flesh they perform the will of their Prince.

They want to go abroad into your soul,

that you may manifest evil things.

I ask what, are we drawn to, their sensational flight?

Where ever they go they hurt, they lie.

They know who you are but they can’t promote any good.

Their cowardice is hidden in loud demonstrative upheavals

of tumult and confusion where there’s no peace and much evil.

They need your joy they want your peace.

They appear seemingly harmless in an around about way.

They are simple, but quick with frustrations that enter your day.

They Tap, They Smile, They sing, but never believe they are happy.

They hurl unfounded words at your heart, blaming you, saying your

wrong, your unaccomplished, you are a fool, your lacking you have

no song, They disguise hostility as encouragement and believe only

lies they never enter the truth they can ‘t conceive it in their


When will they quit?

When you give up the ship.

So fight and fight and fight, still fight even more, soon you’ll soar.

It is written you have already won the war.