solutions to cultural oppression

Cultural Genocide

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How can you let your dreams escape you when you are the only soul that can cultivate

the rich soil of your existence from the mine fields of despair?

Uploaded March 2014, Dr Martin Luther King Jr. was born 85 years ago,  we are commemorating the 46th anniversary of his martyrdom  on April 4, 1968
March 2015, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born 86 years ago, we are commemorating the 46th anniversary of his martyrdom on April 4, 1968

When foolishness sleeps and wisdom weeps and the inner entities diminish; the soul tries to find refuge by connecting with another of like composition.  In treading the soul of another you find yourself coming into a trail of tears.
Weeping over the lost years trampled with hurt and pain and in this case the trying to reconcile the anguish of another. Ancient remedies fail and the voices of your fore fathers cease to whisper vaguely telling you to call on God as they understood. Seeking to unravel the mystical language of one’s soul but once peace is achieved . . . glorious.

The prophets raged over the reconciling of the souls of others lost in the confusion of doubt and disbelief of their brethren while looking at themselves in a better relationship with themselves and their creator. The voice they heard was sometimes their own and the context of application later proved it. The souls of others out classed by their peers out did by their offspring and aged with bitterness causes envious circumstances to flourish.
Oppression makes matters worse when no one listens to a person a people a nation a generation it makes matters worse. To the death! He, she or they think. If may takes . . . (extant).

BLACK and BUILT to COME-Back from AUTHORITY (1989)

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Photo from Wharton Tract Honor Camp 1990

Black and built to come back from authority.  They left me vice versa from the majority.  They had me rebelling, rock-hard retaliation; because I was weakened by propagandic aggravation.  Now I’m embracing the case regression, and protesting all authoritative rhetoric, amoral and misleading.  As a human being; my eyes through which I’m seeing.  The pot just melts, corruption is dealt and damage is felt, by 35 percent of my people, dwelling and scattered out equal, all over this land, surviving if they can.  All hell another dead from my family, and if you’re not on the lam, tune in there are many trails you can be blazing.  I’m not angry but when I see something hazy, it becomes crazy, to my amazing ability, to think critically.  I enlarge my identity, to constantly find, fertility of my mind.  Then I form an outline, for the enhancing of my rhyme – then I start to revive swiftly the ancient solutions.  Not the constitution or the fourth of July.  To really get by, take control of your area.  Pull your brothers near you – and LOVE those that hate you – It’s true to nature we were meant to be greater – educators and creators, not imitators and violators.  If it’s my verbatim – and you’re not relating, there is a need to comprehend, educate yourself, don’t go back again to the dangers of corruption, (because) the jails speak for themselves.  My people, who are keen, use their ability to seek illegal means, to support their needs, but they shouldn’t feed into the fast lifestyle.  After a while it’s yourself that you gyp, it’s the 90’s and now I am equipped, saying it out loud without guilt and it’s good to see that I’m Black an Built to Come-back from Authority.