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To reach the next tier of your organization and to earn the respect of those around you; stay in tune with the mission of the company and distinguish yourself by obtaining victories for the war chest.

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To become a proficient leader you must have been an ardent follower. This seed-time/ harvest relationship principally exists in the type of follower you’ve been; however brief or long it is manifested in your term as a leader.  The vestiges of character from your followers are now present that you displayed when you were a follower.


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Attitude determines Altitude

To follow instructions for any task your given is the rule for work and when latitude is given to move at will, your value increases if the outcome of your decisions are profitable. You make yourself valuable when the soul of your organization is fed continuously by your input.  To distinguish yourself even further is to follow your leader’s words without questioning their reasons.  Therefore, trust is an indispensable element in any supervisor – subordinate relationship.  To truly become a vessel of honor is to be a catalysis that brings forth your organization’s mission to fruition.


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Even Jesus was astonished when speaking with the Centurion who requested that his servant be healed. The Centurion said speak the word only!  Jesus noted that this type of discipleship was not even seen in Israel.  Leaders love this type of follower.  While it is an essential tool of a leader to communicate his or her vision to their followers, at times this cannot be done, especially when in the heat of battle.  Good workers cannot become great workers if they need to know why things are done and the way they are done all the time.  If a leader is questioned at every turn, some of those who are doing the questioning must be left behind because it drains the forward push of the visionary.

An Essay in Leadership

CHARACTER The Seeds of Success

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PLANT Ecc 3Christianity doesn’t define a person’s character.  Character is shaped by your environment and upbringing (nurture) as well as genetics (nature).   You can be a person of excellent character and not be a Christian and you can be a person who is a Christian who possesses a poor character.  It is my opinion that   the hallmark of magnanimity is to be a Christian of Great Character.


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When the emergence of that which blooms matures, stop to think about the work that you’re engaged and the priorities you have. Is the labor that fills your days satisfying and worth living for?  Are you working in vain to accomplish things that will add to your character or enhance relationships with your fellow man?  We must at times be as the woman with the alabaster box of very precious ointment who poured it on Jesus’ head. Her act obtained a memorial for generations to come.  When observers present looked on . . . “they had indignation saying, to what purpose is this waste” (Matthew 26:8). She was a woman of character who lived in the present.  She apprehended the reality that she was in the presence of greatness.  


When the hope of Glory is not yet manifested, you may be perceived to be less than average and irregular.  Nevertheless, others shall view the proof of God’s approval on your life.  A reminder in the heat of the day, as night nears, squatters watch and love to see your character mired in mediocrity, but soon your private act of prayer; thrusts you into becoming God’s showpiece.  So go back into the beatings of the day, but the stripes from the constant wrangling and sporadic ups and downs are for a greater purpose.  Beyond the next threshold you pass your tormentors shall soon cry for your help.

AlocasiaMacorirrhiza aka ELEPHANT EARS
AlocasiaMacorirrhiza aka ELEPHANT EARS

SEEDS OF SUCCESS are a gift from God.  They are transferable and work for those who dare to put a dream into action.

HATERS: Are usually those close to you; and all seem to have one thing in common.  They all see the seeds of success: the potential of an individual who they secretly admire and try to lead.  Yet, because of their own insecurity they can not allow the one who possesses the seeds of success to thrive so they resend to hate them.


Everyday haters question everything; yet, appears stable.  They cringe internally at your presence (as commonly seen upon their countenance); they even dare to question God’s reason for gifting you.  This hater exalts those with feeble character (mostly themselves) over those who possess the seeds of success (see Haman, Esther 3:5).  Many of these are learned but become foolish because of a flawed understanding, from narrow insight and a belief that grace is given towards them, because of their own goodness.  These usually believe the accolades of cunning well wishers who invade their presence for personal advancement.  Inside of a space of a year God rebukes these haters seven or eight times; yet because they have become legends in their own mind, there is little chance for them to repent (see Esau, Hebrews 12:17) and make things right (also see the Mind of Cain, R.E. Boswell).


Everyday haters can be misplaced; but, blood relatives can never be altered.  They are primarily the first haters one sees (see Joseph, Genesis 37:5) because they usually are the first ones to be slighted by the seeds of your success.  They notice the attributes of the seeds to success: raw drive and unadulterated enthusiasm.  They usually become jealous but their own ambitions pales in comparison to yours.  These are the most dangerous because they are closest to you (see Iago, Othello).  They create keys to spaces with boundaries that are meant to encapsulate you by their definitions of what you should be (see Released from Intangible Enclosures, Boswell).  They find comfort in crowds and often have a mob mentally which lacks the ingenuity (an attribute of the seeds of success) that you possess.  They try to kill your influence and because of their rigidity, they find it difficult to comprehend that universal mathematics, that makes any person plus God a majority.  Yet, they are a secret source of strength propelling the hated into an even greater dimension where your impact becomes exponentially greater.  A refusal to stoop to the level of a hater is another trait of possessing the seeds of success.  Confidence and faith are enhanced by those who possess the seeds of success.  Rebounding from the haters unwarranted attacks develops dexterity which turns into a study stream of victories for you.

RBC Ministries PhotoBACK FROM PAIN

Resisting that which is right is a laborious venture that tasks the hearts of men until they fail.   With deception comes pain!  Fell, inside a web of intrigue; yet you begin to ascend as your vocation summons.  Once pass the flower of youth, some are deceived once again by the greedy that taunt, who want your glow, so they seek to trample your seeds.    No longer are you locked away grieving in despair and doubt, no longer grasping for a second chance.  For it shall be granted along with favor and the chance to be great.  Because you are inherently great, your magnanimous character has been upheld by God and your steps strengthened by His mighty hand. Pain is inevitable but to suffer for what is right you’ll discover is a great benefit.