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You once dwelled in unhealthy and unsafe environments, where evil was praised.  You’ve made it out alive, but at the cost of your freedom.  When you are deceived into thinking that to live in bondage is better than death you create a lifestyle through personal choices that place you in situations that compromise your earthly existence.  It is as if you forfeited your own life when you kill someone.  You have voluntarily given your freedom into the hands of others; that brutally abuse their authority and inflict unrighteous burdens upon you, without any regard to your well being.  You now stand, imprisoned, convicted and condemned by the world.  You are at a cross road, while among the steely stares of felons and the greedy glances of cell mates.  You turn side in your spirit and you look to see God reaching His hand out to you as he did for Moses on Mt. Sinai.  At that same moment you also see bunk mates binge at mid-night from the spoils of the weak, while a haunting laugh of a guard turns your stomach after it becomes pitch black.

Through Penitence, God walks into your life, but strangely the crime remains fresh and the punishment remains firm.  After seemingly wrestling with yourself or an angel as Jacob did at Mt. Penuel you are changed and called by another name as your outlook now reflects an essential relationship with God, you now approach a Great Piercing Light that is both frightful and glorious.

If you’ve been sentenced to more than a decade, a score or a century in prison, it benefits one greatly to develop a personal relationship with God.  Developing spiritually is a life-long process for anyone with hope intact and grace abounding.  Many have escaped the snares of a seemingly unfruitful life by building oneself inside-out; spiritually then physically.

It would benefit the convict to change.  You receive no mercy from anyone but God who’s out stretched hand has been there all the time.  The ones you gave your freedom to do not hear your pleas.  Those wretched demons fled leaving you alone as the destroyer, but God knows your situation.

At the time you were not where God wanted you to be, but the act was done indeed.  Your youthful exuberance exacerbates with despair because you have become another person away from your family and far, far away from that memorable day that shattered your future.  Later as time stretches out and the years pass, it become inevitable that you learn that you live better when you treat people better, but things worsen in seasons of great depression and negativity.

Give your life to Jesus!  Being a spiritual force that the powers of darkness have to recognize is your future.  Let God mold you so that you can help others who were weak and ignorant like you were.  Shedding tears can only change a person in prison when they become mixed with clay as if you were being shaped in God’s hand.  This great power is at your fingers and inside your heart.  It is the Righteousness of Jesus.

You are made righteous by The Blood of Jesus, which is complete and needs no improving.  This Righteousness is what God sees and is the final seal of God needed on earth before entering heaven.  Learn to live a life of holiness regardless of those in your old neighborhood that squawk and balk.  They too need to be helped out of spiritual bondage.  Set yourself apart now for God even when facing the power of lightening like that harnessed by the likes of yellow mama already used five times in the 21st century at Holman Prison in Alabama USA.  Let those that pull the switch and the ones watching know that you are a new creature in Christ and that your sin debt is paid by the blood of Jesus that reckons you to be the righteousness of God and soon you’ll be in paradise with Him with all His saints.