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THE GOSPEL A Gift in the Industry

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Psalmist Sybil Finney with Church of God in Christ, Auxiailaries in Ministry President Linwood Dillard in the background
Psalmist Sybil Finney with Church of God in Christ, Auxiliaries in Ministry President Linwood Dillard in the background. Source: Wendalyn McCutchen


Gospel music is meant to glorify God and edify the listener.  The anointing given by God is carried by Gospel Music which carries along with it a sound that (II Tim. 1:7) destroys the yoke of the enemy.  Any other music genre; has not the significance or mission of the Gospel.  Gospel musicians are born and are called and set aside (sanctified) to perform selflessly in ministry.  Most music reflects the spirit of the times and much of it is inspired by the Prince of the Power of the Air.  Satan continues to inspire millions through song by imitating the anointing.  The anointing makes free and releases but Satan binds, constricts, imprisons and hinders (along with his daily duties of destruction, mayhem and death).  He uses music to induce a sober mind into a trance and uses enchantments (lyrics) to introduce his lies that fool people.  Satan inspired music lulls the human senses into experiencing a form of glory reminisce of Lucifer’s former glory who was a musical angel whose jurisdiction was the area near God’s Throne (Ezek 28, Is. 14).


Cover of "The Origin of Luciferan Doctrine & Man's Ascent to Glory" written by Reginald Boswell
Cover of “The Origin of Luciferan Doctrine & Man’s Ascent to Glory” written by Reginald Boswell


The biggest lie that Satan promotes is that he does not exist.  A similar lie is that Lucifer exists.  Lucifer does not exist and the metamorphosis into Satan was instantaneous as he fell from heaven (Luke 10:18).  His convergence upon the earth didn’t erase his memory of his former glory but corrupted his way and he still uses selected pipers (musicians) to influence the masses. This music can move the soul and body and brushes the inward part of man but is an imitation of life solely meant to imprison in one form or another.  Worldly music inspires ungodly relationships, drug and alcohol use or just plain old-fashioned rebellion.  Gospel lifts the spirit by giving us a testimony in the lyrics and a name in the song.  It has no bondage built into it beyond the beat and past the horns.


Gospel music lifts the human spirit.  As the Gospel is a testament of how one can overcame the Adversary by the name of Jesus.  Without this name there is no Gospel.  Gospel Artists are recognized annually at the Stellar Awards.  The last time that the Stellar Award Song of the Year lyrics included Jesus’ name was in 2005 in the Song “Make Me Over” by Anthony Charles Williams II also known as (1975-05-16)Tonéx (Tonay).  The most recent winners from the last 9 eight years have not included Jesus in their lyrics:

Pastor Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago,  28th Annual Stellar Awards Song of the Year winner on Jan. 19, 2013
Pastor Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago, 28th Annual Stellar Awards Song of the Year winner on Jan. 19, 2013

Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards Song of the Year (the name Jesus omitted)


2012 Kirk Franklin, I Smile

2011 Bebe Winans, Close to You

2010 Mary Mary, God in Me

2009 Marvin Sapp, Never Should have made it

2008 P J Morton, Let Go

2007 Isaiah D. Thomas, I Will Bless the Lord

2006 Jonathan Williams, Healed

2005 AC Williams (Tonex), Make me over*

A.C. William the artist formerly know as Tonex, Photobucket.com
Source: Photobucket 

A.C. William the artist formerly know as Tonex, last song to contain the name Jesus was “Make me over”.  AC Williams, a bona-fide crooner had answered questions in a Sept 2009 interview questioning his sexual orientation which led him to become anathema in the Church World and Gospel Music Industry.  Williams departure from the Gospel Industry gave critics ammunition to misconstrued the lyrics of “Make me over” to be homosexual euphemism after he proclaimed his affection towards men.  He now performs as an out indie R&B/glam pop artist in the LGBT music genre.  The unfortunate twist of events that followed the man who sung “Jesus to heal my open wounds” had no other singer follow his stand to actual say the name Jesus in a recording that won a Stellar Award for the Song of the year.  Continue to pray for born ministers of song.