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LOST YEARS From the School of Hard Knocks

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R. Boswell (Class of  1997) Georgian Court College
R. Boswell (Class of 1997) Georgian Court College

The purpose of the Church, Paul stated is to edify and to build up each ones faith.  As Nehemiah built, repaired and solidified the walls of Jerusalem, the Church shall fill the void in the lives of people to bring them into a place of maturity in Christ.  I now understand that God blesses us with wisdom to make the right decisions.  Once in darkness I now see the light.  I was delivered from the school of hard knocks and learned that being guided by the Word of the God is an indispensable quality of life.  I would be lost without the hand of God upon me leading and guiding me through dangers seen and unseen.  I cannot see how I made it without Him for so many years.  He was always there.  He has a plan for my life and kept me alive for a reason.   For all these years He protected me in the streets, upon the highways, while living in the city or in the valley, whether sleeping in the heights or while in the belly of the beast within the dungeons of despair.  He rescued me from many scenes and led me to the outer most place in the Appalachian Valley where I now  rest.  My covenant family is among those who are sanctified and holy, a people utilized by God to carry the message of redemption and peace through the blood of Jesus (7/26/2012).