YOUR LIFE BECOMES THE MESSAGE: DMX (Earl Simmons) passes away at age 50

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Let a dog roam until he finds his way home.

The fame DMX achieved was the result of grinding and the gift he harnessed. He had a way with conveying the heart beat of the underbelly of urban life. The impresario created lyrics birthed from pain and real turmoil. His themes and collaborations with other talents combined to make anthems that were sung in unison by millions.His messages in his lyrics were a refreshing turn back to an age when Hip-Hop inspired and taught a largely fatherless generation patriarchal rites of passage. But, every since rap entered the age of gangsterism (early nineties) the genre became like a good girl that went bad.

Rap became the prey of record executives and predators, now known as culture vultures. DMX was the right person to keep the youth informed and keep it moving (late nineties) past the fake news portrayed by most rappers that glorified violence and detoured Hip Hop from the path of Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun.

Don’t play with God

If you ever heard the expression “don’t play with God” it has merit. The adversary to the family of God (Satan) sets a target upon those who threaten to take souls from a like destiny as his (Hell). It’s not that your playing with God as so much as Satan petitions God to take you out (see Job 1) and not only that, Satan stands as your accuser towards God, when you allow demons to get the best of you.

If you struggle with addiction and have a call to do God’s work a decision must be made. All manner of sin must be addressed. It is not good enough to say nobody’s perfect and sing Freebird Saying “I won’t change.” This is not an option we must change to become acceptable to God or we will be changed and give up the ghost, for ‘the wages of sin is death’ and the eternal death is much more to be feared than the mortal death. A person who is joined to God inherently knows this because we know that ‘the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowlege.’

Lord knows I can’t change

To repent is to merely change. This was the first word preached as we entered the New Testament by John the Baptist whom Jesus recognized as a great man. We must change to please God we must change and relinquish the sin that so easily beset us. If we are called to the ministry it is something we can not escape. It will benefit us to change so that our life could be holy, consistent, and acceptable to God. Since you can not escape the call on your life but you have an addiction you have to give it up. On you’ll be like Jonah and find out you can not escape God. The word of God does either two things it repels or it draws.

Only God can judge me now

I believe when DMX offered prayer and exhorted people to turn to Jesus Christ he became a threat to Satan. I am not judging DMX. How can I judge a person who had an addiction and could go anywhere and have rock star status, get drugs for free in any ghetto in any hood. That is more like a curse. I can not judge DMX because I was never famous, but one thing I do know is that if you have a call on your life and you have an addiction you must quit one because you can not juggle them both successfully because of God’s character.

What’s your cost

Jesus is real and when you preach the ways of a Holy God but live like a devil, Satan is going to demand something from you! If you keep going on to his reservation one day you may get your passport revoked. Jesus did not die to be made an open shame of, nevertheless, DMX was a real one who became great while he was here he was admired loved and misunderstood, his life became a cautionary tale, in the end, may this brother rest in eternal peace, Amen

DMX gives his thoughts on prayer exhorting people that the best prayer is one that you render yourself. His position on change and he reads from the book of Ecclesiastes. DMX was one of the most successful rappers commercially ever. He had an intense passion that permeated the streets and the struggles at the core of street life. Many of his singles involved gritty deliveries that positioned prayers. This was innovative and authentic in the minds of many.