MOUNTAINS OF PRAISE A Prophetic Dialogue

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Approaching Dr. M.L. King Jr. Blvd. on Bob Wade, Huntsville AL 35810
Approaching Dr. M.L. King Jr. Blvd. on Bob Wade, Huntsville AL 35810

LORD: The main vapor of your existence lies in me.  The sojourning of your soul is not in vain.  The absolutes are as chaff before me.  Behold the great and mighty city has fallen.  The great shall see it.  As well as the weak. 

Servant: I will behold the great Mountain of Praise.  The ice capped haven for the ave, the clouds on the earth and mist that no man can see.  From without or within the great favor of the Lord has spoken it. 

LORD: Now it is the time to seek me, to hear to beseech.  I will listen to those that gave suck and those who were weaned. 

Servant: The hour draweth night for the sinner and the hope of the just is justified in righteousness for the Lamb of God has spoken it, and I will camp before the Lord who feeds me with good things. (11/18/03)


Servant:  Not my will but thy will be done.  From sunrise, until a darkness sits upon the earth, you are in control.  There is no one besides thee dearest Jesus.  Allow me to dismantle the images in my life, your ubiquitous in all my affairs.  Whatever you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven and whatever is forbidden on earth is forbidden in heaven.

LORD:  I will answer your petitions and seek your heart for secret prayer.  I will make you a fortress like the mighty warrior with Jeremiah.  I will be there.  Inside of you I have secured my treasure and built a great wall of defense.  The foundation remains that are your confession of me.  I will always be there.


Remember you are untouchable in the third step.  Just you step and I will do the rest, I am the Lord.   I have beset you around about. (11/05/2004)


POSITIONED BY GOD (prayer series)

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Friend-of-GodI serve God in spirit, soul and body with praise, in worship and with my time and substance.   I render all to Christ and abide obediently under the leadership of our local assembly.  My prayer for my Pastor is that, God give him strength to lead his flock in adverse times and seasons of lack into more prosperous times and away from our enemy.  Satan has been bound concerning the souls that belong to Christ and the Spirit of Increase is released into our lives.  Saints are given true promotion, but along with that came persecution.

Be released – Be released – Be released.   Satan the blood of Jesus against you repay exponentially of that which you destroyed.  With praise in my spirit, I pray continually for the next thing to break like the wind that rushed in at Pentecost or like the bursting forth of great waters causing breakthroughs deliverance is eminent.  I won’t complain but will thank God for dispatching His angels of war, to bring everything that enemy to my feet and all he has taken: until relationships, credit, rank, position, seed, fruit, provision, resources, stamina and strength are restored.    Restoration is now in season in the name of Jesus.  It was all a setting up for my season of restoration.  So as God judges the quick and the dead let us render our selves fellow laborers to one another with this one thing in mind God is going to save his people.  “Fret not yourself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity . . . trust in the Lord, and do good . . . . And verily thou shall be fed,” you can make it.


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Lawrence's last words are memorialized inscribed upon this vessel
Lawrence’s last words are memorialized inscribed upon this vessel

Captain James Lawrence commanded the USS Chesapeake in a single ship action against the British HMS Shannon during the War of 1812. He is probably best known today for his dying command “Don’t give up the ship!” Captain Lawrence, was mortally wounded by small arms fire. He ordered his officers, “Don’t give up the ship. Fight her till she sinks. Men carried him below, and his crew was overwhelmed by a British boarding party shortly afterward. James Lawrence died of his wounds on 4 June 1813[/caption]

Don’t give up the ship

when tangled with demons,

Fight, Fight, Fight!

They never told me the truth

They never gave me a reason.

Who are they?

Are they men?

Are they women?

No not children and not a baby.

Yet in bodies of flesh they perform the will of their Prince.

They want to go abroad into your soul,

that you may manifest evil things.

I ask what, are we drawn to, their sensational flight?

Where ever they go they hurt, they lie.

They know who you are but they can’t promote any good.

Their cowardice is hidden in loud demonstrative upheavals

of tumult and confusion where there’s no peace and much evil.

They need your joy they want your peace.

They appear seemingly harmless in an around about way.

They are simple, but quick with frustrations that enter your day.

They Tap, They Smile, They sing, but never believe they are happy.

They hurl unfounded words at your heart, blaming you, saying your

wrong, your unaccomplished, you are a fool, your lacking you have

no song, They disguise hostility as encouragement and believe only

lies they never enter the truth they can ‘t conceive it in their


When will they quit?

When you give up the ship.

So fight and fight and fight, still fight even more, soon you’ll soar.

It is written you have already won the war.