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Mortgage Burning & Dedication Celebration

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Mortgage Burning & Dedication Celebration

In 2012, Alabama First Jurisdiction COGIC paid off the mortgage on Headquarters (Holy Hill).  On October 16, 2013, COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake made mention of Bishop Meadows’ great guidance and stewardship during the dedication and mortgage burning event.  The Master of Ceremonies duties were shared by Superintendents W.K. Ellison, Chief Operating Officer of Bishop’s Programs and Dr. Terrell Harris Jr., Fourth Administrative Assistant.  A parade of Mayors and a host of dignitaries were also present as Bishop Blake brought a message on Dedication, highlighting from the Bible, the Book of Ruth. 

     Bishop Blake said, “The story of Ruth is the story of determination and the importance of being associated with great people.  Her clinging to Naomi was a result of her being placed on Ruth’s heart.  Only by working together in relationship with others can great things be accomplished.”  He said, “Alabama you are impacting eternity, Alabama you did it.  I believe I am in the presence of some stewards.  God will remember you because you put in the work.”  Some other remarks Bishop Blake said during the ceremony are, “Unity and having one mind requires commitment, the commitment to make things work whether in marriage, work, church, etc.  Be the best person you can.  Avoid bitterness, fish can live a life time in salt water yet not be salty.  If fish can do it so can we in this world.”  The service concluded with the acknowledgement of the deed to the property, the burning of the mortgage and the dedication of Headquarters as the O.L. Meadows Cathedral.


Bishop O.L. Meadows and the Executive Board of Alabama First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ met with Weaver Reality and owners to sign a contract to purchase Holy Hill which contains twenty four houses, located on eighteen acres in the metropolitan area of Bessemer, Alabama in 1993.  At this time, realtors gave the asking price of 3 million dollars to Bishop Meadows for this property located on Bessemer Super Highway.  After prayer and negotiating with the real estate company and the owners, Bishop Meadows got the price down to $750, 000.00. 

    The original structure where the sanctuary stands was only a large metal structure with garage doors and no office spaces.  Now this area includes a sanctuary that seats approximately 2500, with a choir loft, upstairs chapel, large stage pulpit, wall to wall carpet and air conditioning.  The fellowship hall includes a state of the art kitchen and a dining hall that comfortably seats 500.  Other areas include an office building, O.L. Meadows School of Ministry facilities, the Bishop’s suite, six offices, a large conference room, a daycare, dormitories and 2 playgrounds.



Superintendent John E. Grayson: Public Relations Coordinator, Alabama 1st Jurisdiction COGIC

Editing: Evangelist Carolyn Boswell

Inaugural Reception 2013

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COGIC elevates Dr. Terrell Harris Jr. to Fourth Administrative Assistant to Prelate OL Meadows of AL 1st Ecc. Jurisdiction

Dr. Terrell Harris Jr. Fourth Administative Assistant to the Bishop at COGIC AL 1st Jurisdiction,  Superindendant of the Huntsville Distict & Pastor of True Light COGIC, Huntsville AL

Dr Terrell Harris, Jr., Founder and Pastor of the True Light, Church of God in Christ (COGIC) at 6380 Pulaski Pike Rd, in Huntsville AL was honored at an Inaugural Reception for his appointment as the Fourth Administrative Assistant to Bishop O.L. Meadows, Prelate of Alabama First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ. This event, sponsored by the Huntsville District COGIC, was held Tuesday, May 14, 2013 in the Harris Family Life Center adjacent to True Light, where Dr. Harris has been the Pastor for 35 years.

This auspicious occasion attracted Civic Leaders from the North Alabama Region with special tributes to Dr. Harris. Ms. Jo Miley representing Commissioner Bob Harrison, Mr. Kenneth Anderson, Multicultural Affairs Director, for Mayor Tommy Battle and Councilman

Drs. Terrell and H. Pearl Harris enter Harris Family Life Center at the Inaugral Reception.
Drs. Terrell and H. Pearl Harris enter Harris Family Life Center at the Inaugral Reception.

Richard Showers. Also in attendance was former Councilman Sam Pendleton, Florence, AL. State Representative Laura Hall was unable to attend, but was represented with a Resolution from the State House of Representatives. Special Tributes were also given by Supt. William R. Hughes, COGIC First Administrative Assistant; Pastor Dave Draper, Jr., Draper Memorial COGIC, on behalf of the Huntsville District Churches, Mrs. Mary Strong Huntsville District Supervisor of Women, Deacon Doug Taylor on behalf of True Light COGIC and Mrs. Trudy Harris Moore, Daughter of Dr. Harris, on behalf of the Family.


Bishop O.L. Meadows (Birmingham, AL) was the keynote speaker. Commenting on the uncommon unity of the Huntsville District, Churches of God in Christ where Dr. Harris is the Superintendent of nine churches, Bishop Meadows called it the “Ray of Light District” speaking of “the radiant glow” seen as he looked upon the people, the arrangement and overall conduct and manner of the Inaugural Reception. Bishop Meadows exhorted the attendees to “Stand on the Promises of God”. He spoke of Dr. Harris’ extraordinary administrative abilities, even in difficult matters; his ability to administer sound judgment was a strong trait. Bishop Meadows also proclaimed Dr. Harris’s love for God and the Church made him a definitive leader, by answering the question: How does one prove their love for the church? “One does so by having a godly response to fallen humanity.”

Dr. Harris exemplifies this response to the call of God, resounding the spirit of Isaiah saying “Here I am Lord, send me.” The people of Huntsville and its people celebrate one of our city’s most revered leaders, Dr. Terrell Harris, Jr. Congratulations!

written by REB, edited by Evangelist Carolyn Boswell

Also Published in Speaking Out News on May 29, 2013

CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST Strength through Resilence

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COGIC Bishop O.L. Meadows, Alabama 1st Jurisdiction
Crop Photo: from Divine Favor Magazine, Vol 4, Issue 4, 2009

Christmas in August is a COGIC concept that was originally called Christmas in November.

Alabama First Jurisdictional Prelate, Bishop Oscar Louis Meadows, reinvigorated this concept during the 88TH Annual Holy Convocation, held August 15-21, 2011, in response partly to “April’s Fury”, where tornadoes and high winds affected 42 counties in Alabama, causing billions in property damage.  Millions were affected, having regions of the state without electricity for over a week, loss of work, and in the most severe cases, the loss of life, on April 27, 2011.

Bishop Meadows stated that in his neighborhood of four square blocks only five houses remained.  He said, “God got me out of my comfort zone; midnight is on its way and whatever we are going to do we have to hurry up and do it.  We must pray for others and testify outside of the church for the purpose of winning souls”.  To help families affected by the storm and other families in need in the Birmingham area, Saturday, August 20, 2011 was declared Christmas in August.  Bishop Meadows had a dual mission of feeding the natural and spiritual man.  Third Administrative Assistant and Dean of Institute, Wiley C. Neal said “Bishop Meadows is a generous man and such a kind man, let us support his programs”.

The Church assembled at the Jurisdictional COGIC Temple, ‘Holy Hill’ in Bessemer, AL to give clothing, cleaning supplies, food items, work gloves, ice coolers, etc. to over 1400 people representing even more households, serving over six hundred vehicles and other ‘walk-ups’.  Mission minded volunteers fell in line to lend support, wearing red tee-shirts symbolizing the blood of Jesus, spearheaded by Selma Superintendent John E. Grayson, and Jurisdictional Evangelism Elect-Lady, Glenda Mason.  Mason prayed for a miracle when given the time of less than a month to organize an urban initiative to serve a demographic having less than adequate means.  Missions and Evangelism volunteers adopted Joshua 24: 24 as the motto, “And the people said unto Joshua, the Lord our God will we serve, and His voice will we obey”.  Jurisdiction Officials quickly responded, like Missions Vice President, Jane Wright who acted as conduit collecting various items and making several trips from the Huntsville area to give.

Surrounded by decorative poinsettias and Christmas trees, Christmas in August, was a “huge collaborative success and I was proud to be involved” according to Jurisdictional AIM Missions’ President, Bobby Sledge.  Evangelism President, Terry Ball stated that it was an effort of “neighbors helping neighbors”.  WAGG FM in Birmingham gave free advertisement leading up to the event.  Among the contributors were: church members from across the state, Family Dollar and Wal-mart, who assisted in monetary relief for the event.  An anonymous donor gave over 50,000 lbs. of dry goods worth over $130,000.

Even in the midst of the Alabama summer heat of 90o plus temperature, with fans blowing under tents, volunteers cheerfully sweated and hustled, giving away a record amount of goods in a 3 hour period of time.  ‘God did it’ as the Church became the hands of God this day, adding great substance to the Holy Convocation that concluded the next day on Sunday, August 21, 2011, where “God’s Itinerary for His Church and His People” was the theme reflecting the 2011 theme laid by COGIC Presiding Prelate Bishop Charles E. Blake, “God’s Agenda, God’s Church and God’s People”,  Bishop Meadows preached and taught from the scripture, I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work. As long as I am in world, I am the light of the world (John 9:4, 5).