Privacy Ensured




As a Christian, I value my relationships with all site visitors and especially those who are or become my clients. I know how important privacy is in developing and maintaining the sense of trust required to provide the highest quality services I can. Please read this privacy statement carefully and ask me any questions you have about it.

Your E-mail Address

I will never give out your e-mail address to any other party when you subscribe to my newsletter or contact me via a web form.

Personal Information

I will not reveal any confidential information you provide to me during the course of coaching, whether via mail, e-mail, telephone, or face-to-face conversation, without your express consent and knowledge, except as required by law (see next section, Limitations to Privacy).

Limitations to Privacy

Note these important limitations to the privacy of information you provide to me:

  1. If you reveal to me that you are currently the perpetrator or victim of child or elder abuse or molestation, I am required by law to report this to authorities.
  2. If you indicate that you intend to harm yourself or someone else, I must act to notify potential helpers or victims.
  3. If you are a minor or under the conservatorship of a duly appointed guardian, I must keep the parents or guardians informed of your progress, if they request this information. Details of conversations need not be revealed.
  4. I may share some aspects of your situation to a mentor coach, without revealing any identifying data about you, for the purpose of education and training. This will enable me to develop and refine essential coaching skills.

Site Statistics

I may use a page counter or web statistics plugin for this site that gives limited information about site visitors, such as what browser and operating system they are using and which pages they visit. No personally identifiable data is collected and no tracking cookies are set.

Please Ask for More Details

This Privacy Policy cannot provide all the information you may desire. Please feel free to discuss this policy with me and ask any additional questions you may have. Use the link in the top navigation men to go to the convenient Contact Me form or click here to access it.


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