2013 is the beginning of a new order (prophecy-exhortation)

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  1. A perpetual position, for flight into the Heaven-lies shall be drawn from this year, so now as a wise virgin keep oil in your lamp.  Efforts must be made to first to get your house in order. 
  2. Comfort yourself!  There is no time for scarcity or to have abundance escape your grasp, receive to bless others.  Thirteen is a year when everything falls in place but effort must be made first to get your house in order.
  3. The Lord is your security.  A continuum of posterity promised to former generations is manifested in you and you are the living promise that your ancestors prayed for, therefore, your vision sees a greater Glory of God and there is no longer an excuse for a dysfunctional household being the cause of any failure.

“Now there lived in that city a man poor but wise, and he saved the city by his wisdom. But nobody remembered that poor man”(Ecc. 14:15).

There is a great evil in the land and it compels me to hurt. This evil is that I am not satisfied and I am a poor man. If I’m poor and not satisfied the great evil persist because there are those who are not satisfied who are in power. The rich, the sinful one who crate to their own coffers, filling them with the substance of others. The life forces, are drained from me, to them, that is why I am not satisfied because my life is taken, was used, and cast aside, as a blanket discarded with small pox. My life is valuable and I am not subject to loss any more! So tired and sick, I am crying because of the hurt. I need something that they can’t give, they can’t see me, they can only experience my presence and what they have heard, well hear this- the Lord is my shephard I shall not want. You stole, you drain, you trampled. OK now it’s my turn, my therapy, my pen, my weapon, my voice, my product, my presence and preservance, made perfect in Christ, matured by years of hurt, languishing in that what seemed unlikely, I am the resting place of the tired and the security of the righteosness, this abides in me because I am, He is and a place of refuge is my security.(1/6/13)

Jesus replied, “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head” (Matt. 8:20 NIV).

I am going to be everywhere. You are going to seek me, yet never find, you are going to hide and your never going to be hidden. You can’t encapsulate me in theory. I am the theory, the unseen essence of everything, the order of order, and the supply you demand; the air, the wind, the motion in motion, the timeless, the travelled, the same that remains, always revelant to circumstances when standing back, I see, I grab the conscious, I shake the violent, I destroyed the world for sin once, then again, then again along with Lot’s wife who joined them, suffering but inert as the garden of Eden which lies beneath the Sahara, as the rocks of Ararat that buried Noah’s ship. I delivered the body of Moses into a plane no man have ever seen and lived. In a secret place, he speaks into my ear and rests with the rest of my servants, inclusive to me, exclusive to you, so your chance upon the earth below do not blow, give your self a chance, enhance you life with frends and enjoy your holy family that I gave, to lift you up to me, Holy be ye, for I am Holy, therefore, I gave my righteousness as a shield and the prophecy will be revealed, through you My son, you’re the one, I been waiting for, its time to score, your on the winning team, go on do your thing, its of me, regardless of what you see, I strenghten thee, I’ll show you Myself, there is no one else that can lead you like Me, the ones on the Sea, know this better than any because of their integrity. I’ve given them crowns. Yet, I was the first partaker. I wore thorns pressed down into My skull the wooden daggers in My head was the reward they gave me. A place for Me to rest never came until after I ascended. That is why greater works you’ll do, not just because of magnitude. You will give my body a place to rest upon the earth. You’ve been handed a baton from a long line of names, that soon you’ll know when in eternity. Those inspired not by flesh and compassionate to their fellowman, these are given a heart that functions inside out, these also have intrinsic worth, them I did birth, as Adam, My son, who I love, you are his seed, yet you have more (5am CTS 1/7/13).

POSITIONED BY GOD (prayer series)

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Friend-of-GodI serve God in spirit, soul and body with praise, in worship and with my time and substance.   I render all to Christ and abide obediently under the leadership of our local assembly.  My prayer for my Pastor is that, God give him strength to lead his flock in adverse times and seasons of lack into more prosperous times and away from our enemy.  Satan has been bound concerning the souls that belong to Christ and the Spirit of Increase is released into our lives.  Saints are given true promotion, but along with that came persecution.

Be released – Be released – Be released.   Satan the blood of Jesus against you repay exponentially of that which you destroyed.  With praise in my spirit, I pray continually for the next thing to break like the wind that rushed in at Pentecost or like the bursting forth of great waters causing breakthroughs deliverance is eminent.  I won’t complain but will thank God for dispatching His angels of war, to bring everything that enemy to my feet and all he has taken: until relationships, credit, rank, position, seed, fruit, provision, resources, stamina and strength are restored.    Restoration is now in season in the name of Jesus.  It was all a setting up for my season of restoration.  So as God judges the quick and the dead let us render our selves fellow laborers to one another with this one thing in mind God is going to save his people.  “Fret not yourself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity . . . trust in the Lord, and do good . . . . And verily thou shall be fed,” you can make it.


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The sun’s rotation creates a spiral pattern in the solar magnetic field in interplanetary space, known as the Parker Spiral.

Dear Lord, I hope that my deepest fears will not be my daily regrets.  You have beset me; Your angels surrounding me, quenching the fiery accusations of the evil one.  Sometimes it seems without hope and without a prayer, but this is not so.  I know it will be soon that I will be there.  Once caught up in the air to be with You.  You’ve given me to control some things and I try to master; my goal is no longer to be a novice, now sensing the ones around me and no longer bringing unnecessary attention to mind.  I mind my business and sit quietly as the humble salt of the earth as the grains that once flowed from your hands then stilled, when you made the first man.

I became a man drawing towards this redemption with your living Word resting inside my bosom.

This spiration I can’t conceive yet it was not flesh and blood that revealed it to me; the elation of my separation from my body towards you on the plane once taken by Enoch.  We transpire to sainthood.  Inspired and driven by the wind from the north, celestially breathed from thee.  Successfully you breathed into us giving the greater gift of life, and to share with those here, that you have shown me.

Your Faithful Servant