Three Types of Wisdom

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Virtual Realities

Since wisdom requires effort, and it is a human’s natural inclination to recline, acquiring wisdom is not for the lazy. Gathering sense becomes the habit for the naturally inquisitive. It hides well, usually in plain sight and is mostly obscured by false reason. It is readily assessable but must be sought out to unlock its benefits. Virtual Wisdom is like a light placed upon a darkened path. It illuminates and exposes the options for best results in any endeavor. Virtual Wisdom does not have to be esoteric. This wisdom could be already known to others but unknown to some in gathering whatever it takes to succeed. It expands through geometrical progression until it reaches the masses through human interaction. Nowadays, the answer to any question is readily available at your fingertips or on a nearby bookshelf. Ironically, Virtual Wisdom is not yet wisdom but mere knowledge of a right path, but it is filed as wisdom because an effort is needed to gain it. Exhibit 1a: Like going to school to learn a profession or trade.

Think and Grow Rich

Intellectual Wisdom:

Knowledge needs a conversion to be wisdom. Intellectual Wisdom gained through Virtual Wisdom is the student of a great teacher named experience. This empirical knowledge can be drawn upon and applied to resolve various obstacles. Also, the observance of the actions of  others could preach volumes to your soul and inspire you to action.

Learning from the success or failure of others is a greater teacher than experience but carries less credibility. To succeed by observing others is an incredible feat.

When inspired by others to tread upon the unfamiliar, courage is needed. Courage and faith are the intangibles that are seen clearly as a result of Intellectual Wisdom. Success is bred through the repetition of Courage and Faith, to win in life and to accomplish your goal is the Hallmark of Intellectual Wisdom. Untouched vistas exist beyond the realm of the one who uses the triple alliance (repetition, faith, and courage). These open the world to vast insight upon plateaus that the world has yet to see. Exhibit 1b: Like going to school to learn a profession or trade and then getting a job in your area with an appropriate income.

Life’s unexpected turns could bring and could jeopardize your hard work. It takes common sense to guard against these

Common Sense Wisdom

The homespun wisdom that requires no book knowledge just plain common sense is best.  It guards against self-sabotage and aberrant behaviors.  The spiritual engineering project called life built over time needs great care.  Carelessness, youthful exuberance and bad behavior can undo much good that it took a lifetime to build.  My mother used to say never quit a job until you have another source of income.  A steady stream to pay your bills.  She reminded me to make up my bed before I left for school.  You never knew when visitors might come.  These two things speak to the maintenance and preparedness that life’s unexpected turns could bring and could jeopardize your hard work.  It takes common sense to guard against these. Exhibit 1c: Like going to school to learn a profession or trade and then getting a job in your area with an appropriate income and keeping it providing for your family with respect in your community and inspiring all through your gifts.



EXCUSES: Tools of the Weak

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Excuses are tools of the weak and incompetent.
Excuses build foundations of nothingness.
Gird up the loins of your mind.
And put on your holy yoke,
with this done your presence terrorizes the enemy.
If you have to suffer, suffer for righteousness’ sake.
If holiness got you between a rock and a hard place, surely your anointing will bring you out.
Praise the Lord and keep your faith.
Guard your anointing and seek to be at peace with all people,
most of all never use excuses.
Excuses are sinking sand, build on a sure foundation by trusting God. (2/23/16)

Zero Tolerance in 2016

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How to Stay Saved

It’s been over a month until I began to really catch the flavor of the New Year.  Then it came to me still rebounding from 2015, that there must be zero tolerance in 2016 for some things that were allowed to take place in the past. Therefore, I am calling 2016 the year of Zero Tolerance for all things against God.  Ironically, it is a year that we in the United States of America choose whose going to run for president in both political parties as President Barack Obama is in last year and in his last term in office.  For many in America of African descent in recent years, a sense of pride has abounded having a Brother as the Commander in Chief.  Yet, leadership this year must be spiritually grounded more so than politically or culturally for that matter emphasizing doing the next right thing.

Eagle terrorrizes Snake

The shift into 2016 was seemingly seamless but it was actually a dramatic shift.

2015 was such a seminal year in so many ways in that it captured an era which wholly represented the decade of the teens.  Acceptable standards morphed from changes from a simpler time would have startled many of our ancestors as well many adults today who are perpetually reeling from the voracious evil, ever so present in society.  Shifting standards make full proof that changes brought about by things out of your control make your existence necessary.  Armed with the ability to calm the storm as you hold on to God’s unchanging hand in 2016 you have a God-given right to manifest the desires of your heart.


the way the truth and the life 22015 brought great things to your door

but still the presence of your enemy’s torments was there too.  Now in 2016 deliverance from the accuser the liar, the manipulator will altogether cease.  In 2016, you have the authority to pull out a seat at the best table spread out with every good thing and sup.  The devil will try to deny you so don’t believe the lie.  You’re no longer subject to the foolishness of his taunts.  In 2016, there shall be a complete snapping away of the ills that plagued you in the past. Because your future is uncertain when trusting God on the faith level, you have no other choice than to activate great faith in God this year.  This commitment pleases God and the confidence that you place in Him shall extinguish any feeling of inferiority, peer pressure, doubt or stagnation.  This year is the beginning of a new era so seize this moment, shake loose from things that ciphen your momentum and vitality.

Door PraiseMove forward in confidence and courage knowing that God has great things planned for you.