Centurion Domination

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Counsel of an Aged Master

A young man’s strength is his glory and an old man’s hoary head is his. What is it when you have both?

Perceive your craftsmanship as you are daily led by the hand of God.  Beloved, you’re a life force drawing attention to yourself, attracting all things craving your spiritual wealth.  Heavenly angels are descending from above upon your shoulders and grabbing hold of you lifting you spiritually to a place of prosperity.  This is when you want to do right and you give smiles in time of adversity.  Every moment in life is an eternity because consequences are measured to it, whether good or bad, and the happiness or sadness it leads to.  The hopes and dreams you waited for are just outside your door.  If you open to receive the gift that your life has granted you, the thing that you made for yourself, a creation from your own powerful spirit you made from your words, hopes and allegiances.  From these you created a mass of things outside, inside your closet.  Moreover, once the harvesting angels appear to those that the reapers left behind, you’ll be assured that you were right and that you didn’t waste your time in believing.  For it is the work of God to believe those God has sent to assist you, and the spirit in you will either accuse you or excuse you of the deeds you do in discipleship.  So stay on the right track.  Heaven is real and don’t be swayed to turn around, you’re closer now more than ever to Heaven.


Nice Little Box

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Recently I saw a movie called Hidden Figures and thought that this could not be a true story.  This motion picture coupled with Fences were the two African American must see films this year, but Hidden Figures impacted me far beyond August Wilson’s screenplay.  The memories of my past flooded my mind because I was alive during the climax of the real events that occurred in this movie yet was ignorant of the facts Hidden Figures exposed.  It was exciting to know that it was the mathematics of a black woman that came into play when determining the trajectory used to get a man to the moon and back to earth safely in 1969.  Why wasn’t this taught during Black History month while I was coming to age?  Opening Pandora’s box of other questions like: Did we ever arrive on the moon and why haven’t we returned since 1969?  Did Galileo and Newton discover the great things they were credited with or was it of African origin, etc.?

Sixth Grade 1979 Princeton Ave School Lakewood NJ

Remembering asking my guidance counselor why I had to take applied math instead of algebra my freshman now made sense and remembering why the zeitgeist frowned upon African Americans pursuing advanced science and math courses.  During the eighties, it was considered very uncool to enjoy these disciplines.

My DNA begged to differ not towards math but didactical thinking.  How could wisdom be veiled and replaced with a bundle of lies and mistreatments and an standardized  devaluation of the mitochondrial strains which internally connect me?  Instead of celebrating the scholastic interests that were ever so present, people around me while I was growing up reveled in simple jest and were content with a bundle of lies handed to us by American culture.

Her confession may have helped clear Donham’s conscience and bring her to this place of “tender sorrow” but for many others who are just learning that she lied on Emmett Till it does nothing.


This movie was a micro view into a panoramic past.  An American conspiracy promotes fraud that promotes the logic that brown and tan people are inherently criminal.  This logic is apparent overwhelming numbers of African Americans and Latinos that are in the prison population as opposed to people of Caucasion origin.

Brown and Tan people in America are placed in boxes in America and fed lies repetitively until a lie is accepted as truth.

This great deception is a strong delusion!  Brown and tan people are carted to correctional facilities so Blanche could be safe. While fakers like the bloody Dame who lied on Emmit Til sing America the beautiful.

After being fed lies for nearly fifty years, I am coming to realize that Black is a status.  A status of inferiority immediately thrusts upon brown or tan individuals born in America, hounding us non stop publicly and privately.  This is a design that perpetuates a permanent underclass in the United States of America.  Those who subscribe to racism and are subject to its ill effects are its legitimate preservers (see Stockholm Syndrome).  It is sick when whites are rewarded for being white and brown and tan people are denigrated for being brown or tan.  When this behavior is institutionalized it is not long until that society ends unless this malady is corrected.  But once you accept this reward OJ of Bill Cosby still keep it real with your folks Tiger Woods.  Once you betray those brown and tan Americans still held at bay by the false iron grip of racism and whites get tired of using you where can you go or where can they turn?  White society acts as a unit because the media controls their train of thought.  (with a few exceptions.  True black beauty lies in the fact that you could be yourself without keeping another brown or tan person down.  The Willie Lynch style indoctrination is breakable by the warrior soul.  My beautiful black princes and princesses who rise above mediocrity into the blissful state of I AM.