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Manifest your Dreams

Without Prayer, you are in an unachievable situation. With prayer, you are in achiever mode. Before you lay down, grab coal from off the altar of prayer, and place it in your bosom. Then go to sleep. It won’t burn you. It is a spiritual energizer. It acts as a memorial to the dream that God gave you and a reminder to, never let the world get you down or allow people to steal your dreams. There is hope for tomorrow when your walk toward your dream. Look to the God in you.

Remain unafraid!

Has your conception of God changed, from when you were a child? Hopefully it has evolved from the time when you were little. You were fortunate if your mother taught you how to pray, while your father was at war or missing in action. If there was a reinforcement of a longing to see God you were taught well. Look to the God in You!

Loving God makes it Easy to Love

Now, in the morass of a so-called maturity and the false development of emotions mistakenly called love, we form words with our mouths saying to one another I love you. How can this be done when such a low regard to God abides towards those who represent truth? Look to the God in You!

Can I accept your love, if you do not love God?

Can I accept your love, if you do not love God? It is hard at first to learn obedience. But as others struggled with you we must commit to teach others by showing them love. Your loyalty must be tested by the brand of love you show them. We must mature! Seeking comfort in the words of a unfaithful person who loves you is harder than receiving love from a brother that betrays. Such folly fills our emotions when led by a foolish heart. Be wise and keep your eyes in your head your feet on the ground until your fight ends. In Love we must first be taught how to fight. This is the foundation to respect. Look to the God in You!

From Out of Order unto Maturity

The essence of achieving solace is giving. Your plight to become the apple of another’s eye is in the subtle art of not trying. Yet contentment alludes the impatient the impetuos you impetous should be in Wait on the God. Let the Lord lead you. You will see love blossom as in May when the flowers bloom and the mountains swell and the river runs deep as the gratitude does for the life you were given. Then you will seek to give. When you give yourself to truth, this becomes your joy as you bring joy to others, and you continue on the path of your purpose stronger with a maturity of purpose. Look to the God in You!

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