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Re-elected to a third term (Nov. 2016) Churches of God in Christ, Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake is committed to serving God’s people


The Work of God

The biggest lie every believed is that Satan or hell is not real.  Yes, it is true the devil is real. Originally, an arch angel called Lucifer the Bible reveals that Lucifer lost his position and was cast down to earth becoming Satan.  The Bible also contains information of the earth’s title deed beings transferred to Satan from Adam through disobedience.  This power remained in the clutched hands of Satan until Christ came remained obedient unto death and fulfilled the prophecy of bruising the head of a serpent.

Satan asked Jesus to worship him in exchange for glory, honor, riches and fame (which Satan could offer because he gained such control from Adam). Jesus victoriously warded off Satan with the Word of God and completed his assignment  becoming the greatest figure in history; shifting time, redeeming man, recapturing the title deed that Adam relinquished and most importantly completing His assignment which was to destroy the work of Satan

PURPOSE of JESUS the Work of God

Bishop Charles Blake

It’s that time saints.

Now, Satan tries to deceive man after losing to Christ. A saddening fact is that the Church endowed with all power seemingly allows Satan’s follies to persist.  If you are a Blood washed Christian indeed you are accountable today like no other time in your life. It’s time for these antics to cease. God’s elect are heavily targeted and left seemingly without allies or friends when Satan’s PR game is running on full blast.  Leaders today need our help.  If you cannot follow, lead.  It’s always time to fear God!


News flash!

Don’t be deceived Satan is not the owner of the planet. His followers have wealth, but it’s allusive.  News flash! Satan lost, and his power base built upon deceit and fear.   He is only worthy to be ignored.  The fallen angel still wants to rule over death by deceiving the living during their lifetime.  Misery … Satan wishes greetings as we welcome one another, but even the liar knows he is lying; but, what hope is there for one who has no hope.  Satan has no hope of redemption. Neither do the angels that knew the truth and glided in proximity to the Holy God but decided to follow Lucifer.  Not the case with humanity, we have a hope of redemption as long as we breathe unless we foolishly call the Holy Spirit a liar.  This folly is the pinnacle of deception called perdition.

Masquerade Photo


Heads up!

Satan is still enticing with delusions of power, money, fame and fortune under the guise of Lucifer. When you call Satan out of his name by saying Lucifer in adoration you are in violation to God.   Satan’s intention is to direct worship from God towards itself (It is a better pronoun for the beast).  It doesn’t  give  its attention to anyone.  Like any fortune 500 company it chooses the best and brightest to spread its lies and gives certain singers and musicians power to influence the masses.  In this age of information we have no excuse when we are deceived by its priests.  Study, show yourself approved a workman by your Creator.

Red Bird Confetti: Photo by Elina Nilsson


Answering: HALLELUJAH!

Lucifer in the Hebrew tongue is pronounced haw-lal.  Its English homonyms are halo or hello.  Satan remembering his glory days wants people in mass to sing Hello in instead of praising God saying, Hallelujah!  Some songs that have Hello in their title sung by millions upon the earth produced by top artists in the last fifty years.  The Beatles,  Lionel Richie and The Doors, and more recent artists have Mega Hits entitled “Hello” like Eminem, Beyonce, and Adele.   Maybe when picking up the phone, we should say Hallelujah or Glory to God instead of Hello.



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