A Spirit Filled Family and Friends Day at UCMBC!

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Lifelong friends: Pastor Jeffrey Robinson and Minister Lee Rice
Lifelong friends: Pastor Jeffrey Robinson and Minister Lee Rice

Standing out in front of the theme banner of 2015 “Meeting the Challenges with Spiritual Wisdom” the young people of Union Chapel Missionary Baptist Church participated in expediting the program in the well attended Family and Friends Day celebration during Sunday Morning Church Service on April 19, 2015.  During this Special Youth Day the young people ministered in a well choreographed dance, uplifting song, offertory and stirring prayer.  Youth Day at UMBC occurs every third Sunday of the month.

The keynote speaker was national recording artist Minister Lee Rice from Tacoma, Washington.  After performing a selection Minister Rice preached from a message entitled “What Side of the Cross are you On” depicting the duality the existed on Calvary as observed in scripture (Luke 23: 39) from the attitudes of the two who hung besides Jesus.

Pastor O. Wendell Davis gave said, “this Spirit filled service accomplished its purpose of bringing families together in fellowship.”  Minister Lee Rice who also serves as webmaster in spreading the gospel through social media ministries had lifelong friend Pastor Jeffrey Robinson from the House of Restoration in Elgin IL in attendance who closed the service with a unified prayer as the congregation joined hands throughout the church.

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