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Have you ever been in a total solar eclipse? I remember being in a total solar eclipse when I lived in Michigan (1974). The only thing I can remember them telling us that it will be over soon and not to look at the sun. I was six years old at the time and I remember walking to school in the dark. I thought that this was weird but very cool. As a six year old you’re always experiencing new things but this phenomenon was exceptional. We lived just across the street from the elementary school and on my way to school during the short walk, I didn’t remember seeing the sun, but not looking at the sun never made much sense to me, since it was dark anyway and I’ve stared into the sun at full strength before and my eyes could still see. Later that day, I remember running from dragonflies! Adults said that if they ever stung you then you would die.

I believed this too but later found out dragonflies were not poisonous. Yet, I still hear them tell people not to look at the sun during a total solar eclipse. Ironically, it was from pictures of this observation (a total eclipse) that proved that mathematical formula for Einstein’s Theory of Relativity in Australia (1922).

“Stay foolish ” (Steve Jobs).  Today’s (March 20, 2015) total eclipse can be seen in the Faroe Islands and the eclipse will be seen parts of the North Atlantic, Greenland, Africa and Europe at 4:30 (EST).  Why would anyone not want to see the total eclipse despite what they say about looking at this once in a lifetime event?  You can watch it live.  Join the fraternity of the low percentage of the population that has ever seen a total eclipse.


“On average total eclipses appear every 360 for any given location.”

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