My Father Gave Me This Trade

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Reggie B, Owner Operator BFC Carpet Cleaning, Huntsville, AL
Reggie B, BFC Carpet Cleaning, Huntsville, AL

Beginnings of BFC

My family lived adjacent to the church when as 23 years old full time college student I found solace in attending church.  While living with my family and unemployed, by a series of events of supply, demand and availability I volunteered to perform church janitorial work. During the week, an even deeper solace was found when vacuuming the church with only the noise of the vac motor there was great peace.
There was still no income so I prayed for a job. Afterward, my attention focused on a newspaper.  In the classified section; Sears was advertising, “Help Wanted: Carpet Cleaners.” Calling the number (long story short) got the job, loved it, learned the trade and became a premier tech for the company as well as a company trainer and coach. By working in the church, God had reserved a blessing for me in the form of an income and a career. Unknowingly, by volunteering to clean the carpets in the church, I was later given a greater financial compensation than my college education would offer and something that my family did not grant: a trade. There is an Arabic Proverb that says,

“if you don’t teach your son a trade

you teach him to steal.”

My Heaven Father gave me this trade.

Some years later, Boswell Residential Carpet and Furniture Cleaning was formed after developing an impeccable reputation for reviving dull, soiled carpeted and upholstered surfaces.  Soon by becoming an expert in mixing solution with the matching cleaning issue that confronted me and estimating jobs at a glance, superior service with unmatched customer satisfaction was regularly offered.  These became inherent goals. In 2010, Boswell Residential Carpet and Furniture Cleaning was reorganized and BFC Furniture and Carpet Cleaning formed. The office is based in Madison County Alabama and clients in the Huntsville Alabama area  service are serviced. In memorial to our beginnings we offer free carpet cleaning to area churches (up to 750 square feet) when they call and schedule appointment.

Reggie B
BFC Carpet Cleaning


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