The Brother that Jesus Loved

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My son:

You’ve been through much just to get here the wavy roller coaster ride through rough and smooth terrain. Now you are here at your destination and you have much to share.  The value of your experience is not to be discarded but placed together in a book for others to see. The broken pieces have value when put together as the weight of Gold, the great expectations and misfortunes, the joys and pains. You are a living witness that attests to the saying that favor is not fair.

the Witness,

Why has God chosen you to prosper with the array of others present? Because, you worked and listened while you focused your attention on Him and gathered, no not to any unnecessary attention that the frivolous parlay and flesh relish in;  in the sight of predators, grabbers; constantly competing with themselves, as if contending with an awesome God.


on the path

Footprints in the Sand
Footprints in the Sand

Yes, your perspectives are right and the path through the woods was worth it because of the gems and nuggets found by drudgery and failure after failure. You’ve found the light in a good season in your life you’ve worked out the misfortunes and traveled through them with grace and many times you were carried and placed in safety. I’ve always loved you, now I have the opportunity to bestow my love on you because you have been obedient to Me and it is your field that I seek to bless with an abundance of wealth. You shared your time and efforts, even your gifts and talents; now it is my turn to show out on your behalf.


Scene of the Nomadic Prophet

I need Thee.

I used to worry and lose my way, succumb to temptation and stay-bound to a yoke as Satan cracked his whip. People cut me with the lip and lashed-out with the tongue, like I wasn’t my mother’s son. Constantly battered by a barrage of unfriendly words saved sanctified and filled with His Holy Spirit yet hurt by the ones I love. Clinging to His presence like. it was my very life lost in His word estranged to the world; walking stepping careful not to offend in the humid heat or cold shower rains, I can never please man.

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