Why we don’t say “YOU GOT ME TWISTED” (for the Saints)

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Language usage defines concepts and ideas.  Twisted is a variation of the word wicked that shares the root word with wicker.  The braided or twisted strains of material used to make baskets, etc.   Therefore, when a person says “You got me twisted” they are in essence saying, “You got me wicked” which in terms of language contradicts the blessing that God bestows upon you as the Righteousness of God.

The Bible says that the unrighteous call bad good and good bad.  This tendency has even crept into the vernacular of the saints (These are worldly sayings with no Biblical foundation).  The Bible says, (I Corinthians 15:33).  There is a reason why Paul wrote this.  It is truth.  No matter how trendy or faddish a saying may be some things don’t belong upon the lips of saints.  The world is watching; there should be a difference.

Have you heard you can’t see the forest because of the trees?  

Lost by Ana Marie
Lost by Ana Marie

Now you can say you can’t see the church because of the saints.  Please Man of God, Woman of God, Child of God, Get out of the way and let go and let God work out His perfect will in and through you.  At times, saints exhibit behavior that is not becoming to Christ.   Yet saved, yet called out and yet in the hollow of God’s hand; but, growing from grace to grace and from a weaker faith to a most holy faith.

Untangle your thoughts.

Untangle your thoughts at Lake Fred,  on the campus of Stockton University, Pomona, NJ
Untangle your thoughts at Lake Fred, on the campus of Stockton University, Pomona, NJ (SOURCE: New Classic Photos)

Tangled thoughts are different from confusion. Confusion is the deliberate attempt of an enemy done as a divergent tactic to cause one to lose focus. Tangled thoughts are a result of a need to refocus your actions to line up with your destiny. As it is the tendency for things to pile up over a period of time, your thoughts do likewise.
So things must be placed in their proper perspective in order that useless hindrances can be removed and you could swiftly advance unto higher ground.

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