God is The Waymaker

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WHILE IN TROY I got away!

Troy Alabama, Home of Pastor Ellis Bush
Troy Alabama, Home of Pastor Ellis Bush

I decided to go to Cornerstone of Life Church when I had a moment of clarity and pushed aside the booze.  God planted in me a strong desire to be in service that night.  However, not wanting to pass the bootlegger, I pondered taking an alternative route but continued to walk straight toward them.  Walking along the sidewalk of a neighboring church yard named Calvary Baptist Church I approached these drunks (my friends), a place I knew well: where men sat around round plastic tables, smoking tobacco, drinking booze and trading war stories.  I sat with them many times.

Bush Place, Troy Alabama
Bush Place, Troy Alabama

Suddenly, a young man appeared, and walked as if arriving from a bush.  I asked him where did he come from, he silently smiled and pointed to a hole in the fence in the back of Calvary’s perimeter.  My feet took this direction and I climbed through the hole in the fence being careful not to tear my clothes.  Successfully, making it to church without walking past that crew, was an answer to an unspoken prayer.  Avoiding the laughs and chuckles allowed me to arrive at church with the sense of urgency I felt.  Upon arriving at church I laid my hands upon the horns of the altar asking God to cleanse me. This was in the spring of 2008.  The Devil though he had me bound, but I got away.  I got away from addiction.  I got away from defeat and today Victory is mine!

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