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God has equipped us with our own VOICE to manifest His promises; towards us making 2014 the year when voice activated promises appear.

Sunflowers    The Year of Voice Activated Promises

In many cultures usually at age thirteen one begins adulthood.  The number thirteen represents maturity.  The age thirteen is an important step in human development.  According to psychologists it is the formation of abstract thinking, transformed from that of concrete (childlike) thinking. On another note in the Biblical account of Jericho, Israel shouted and had their first victory after thirteen revolutions around the city of Jericho, completing their first victory in the Promised-land.  Thirteen represents an end to certain travels as one stands upon a threshold of victory and the beginning of the next step to a new era in personal development.  Life’s sharpest point is a fresh start.*

While upon this threshold in a mature state at the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, as citizens upon the earth we are all advancing toward this next stage in human history regardless of us wanting to move forward or not.  Yet, to advance towards perfection, we must use our voice to activate the promises of God as did the Children of Israel at the wall of Jericho.  The voice of the shout is what brought down the walls that separated them from what God had promised.  Similarly, it is your voice that will bring good things unto your door.  Enter everyday by tuning your spiritual ear to hear from God in 2014.  The saints used to say, “Name it Claim it.” That saying is not out of season but has accelerated because of the shortness of days until the return Christ. Long standing wars, changes of weather patterns and recent super typhoons affirm the short time that’s left. As we tune our ears to hear the voice of the Lord and gaze our eyes upward and use our voice to activate the promises of God, we’ll receive in our hands and hearts that which was prepared by God for us since the beginning of time.


Your heart is the inward part of you that God seeks to fill.  When one speaks of the heart they are referring to the spirit man. Man’s most holy place, the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.  Christ seeks to dwell in your heart and he knocks at the door of your heart.  The Open Door is the yielded Spirit and it must be opened by you. Christ stands at the door of your heart and knocks waiting to be received into the yielded spirit.


Reference: Joseph (Genesis 41) Pharaoh dreamed a dream of fourteen cows and fourteen stalks of corn.  “And Joseph said unto Pharaoh, The dream of Pharaoh is one: God hath shewed Pharaoh what he is about to doseven cows and seen stalks of corn (verse 25).  Much like Joseph interpretation of 2 sevens being one unit fourteen is a completion of a season.

In the Jewish tradition a boy is considered a man at age 13 and is circumcised. At that age a special birthday called a Bar Mitzvah is celebrated.  Bar Mitzvah is translated, Son of the Commandment or for a female Bat Mivah/Daughter of the Commandment; distinguishing the celebrant as an agent who is responsible and therefore subject to the law.

Promises for 2013
Promises for 2013

2013 is the beginning of a new order.

A perpetual position for flight into the Heaven-lies shall be drawn from this year, so now as a wise virgin keep oil your lamp.  Efforts must be made to first to get your house in order. 

 Comfort yourself!  There is no time for scarcity or to have abundance escape your grasp, receive of the Lord to bless others.  Thirteen is a year when everything falls in place but effort must be made first to get your house in order. 

 The Lord is your security.  A continuum of posterity promised to former generations is manifested in you and you are the living promise that your ancestors prayed for, therefore, your vision sees a greater Glory of God and there is no longer an excuse for a dysfunctional household being the cause of any failure.  There is no longer an excuse for a dysfunctional household.


Voice Activated Commands are Manifested (VACM): 1/1/14

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