FORWARD Centurion Warrior

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Pastor Ellis Bush and Mother Juanita Bush of Troy AL
Pastor Ellis Bush and Mother Juanita Bush of Troy AL

Serious students of the Bible are always searching for deeper and better understandings of God’s workings.  In this search, it soon becomes evident that in salvation-history there is another player in the drama being played out between God and Man.  The search for better insights into God’s nature and his plan for man is made much more complicated by an Adversary, the Devil.  He is known by many names, just as is God.  Just as God’s names reveal His nature and His ways of working with man and for man, the Devil’s many names reveal his ways of working against God and man.

     The mystery of it all becomes even more mystifying by the fact that the Adversary has already been defeated.  What then is all about and why does the Father permit him to continue his mischief?

     This study by my good friend and colleague, Reginald Boswell, will help us unravel some of the mystery.  As we gain insight, we will become increasingly better at recognizing our Enemy along the way.  This is essential if we are to stand strong against him.

     Some sections of this work are written allegorically.  This approach is fascinating, intensifying the scope and significance of the cosmic drama reminiscent of John’s writings in Revelation.

     After this, the message becomes personal and pastoral.  It speaks to my journey, my issues, and my aspirations.  It speaks to my need to “watch and pray”.

Dr. Ellis M. Bush, Pastor

Calvary Baptist Church

Troy, Ala.

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