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All who would come to be blessed by the ministry are welcome to attend and take part of our services.  St. Louis has been chosen to remain the host city of the annual Church of God in Christ, Holy Convocation by Bishop Charles E. Blake, who wants to include the residents of the city to take part in the Holy Convocation, as our presence in the community will clearly make an impact.   As a directive from Presiding Bishop Blake, the former Bishop of Mexico, Bishop Bob Jackson was given the task of coordinating troops to evangelize the city and to invite local residents to our 104th Holy Convocation, which will convene October 31-November 9, 2011.  Bishop Jackson will lead a contingent of 18 troops from Oakland, California into North St. Louis neighborhoods; placing Christ-centered door hangers on doors and inviting residents to the Convocation.

DOOR HANGER from Evangelizing St. Louis, creating a positive enviroment for our Holy Convocation


Bishop Robert J. Ward, Jurisdictional Prelate of Eastern Missouri 1st will host training sessions at Kennerly Temple, 4307 Kennerly Ave. St. Louis MO. 63113, Thursday & Friday, October 20-21, 7pm-9pm; and Saturday, October 22,9am-11am.  Many of the participants are local residents returning for a refresher course in Street Evangelism.  Last year, together with the combined efforts of experienced Oakland Troops and St. Louis residents, 307 souls were recorded as being won to Christ.  The Troops from Oakland are slated to arrive on October 24, 2011 to join forces with Local Troops rallied by Bishop Ward, Bishop Lawrence Wooten (Eastern Missouri/Western Illinois) and Bishop William Scott (Southeast Illinois).  The number of local participants is hopeful to exceed three hundred, as more area can be covered with more troops in a shorter period of time.



All Troops will meet at Kennerly Temple, October 25-27, for Street Evangelism to take place during the hours from 9am to 4pm.  Lunch will be provided each day and on October 27, Troops will convene down town (after meeting at Kennerly Temple) across the street from the convention area for a final phase of Evangelism.  A warm fellowship is expected to take place in a welcoming environment as members encourage residents to take part in our services and into the fellowship with us and our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


I think you have done a marvelous job on this story. You are truly gifted. God Bless.

Bishop Bob Jackson

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