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New Classic Photos: Billy Graham Library Charlotte, NC
New Classic Photos: Billy Graham Library Charlotte, NC

Here I am Lord!  Here I am; a tree planted firm, standing in the wind as the seasons turn, the Christ within me remains my hope of glory.  I shine even more brightly as the day approaches as I step forward; reaching towards Christ, clinging to Him who first loved me.  I share the gospel with those who are lost and the Church, the body of baptized believers, sanctified for God’s service.  The Church is the spiritual seed that communes with God.  Therefore there must be a connection to the True Vine.  We can do nothing without God.  Evangelism must be a primary concern!  Does the Church lack the staff for outreach, mentoring, ministry preparation and sending out individuals?  Failing to set a precedent for serving God in spirit and truth, I’ve observed disjointed auxiliaries squabble, bringing confusion.  After we’ve worshipped on the Lord’s Day, I’ve observed us enter our places of employment Monday thru Friday and other frequently visited areas and build amiss.  We render service to our clubs, groups’ fraternities and such; without regard, to the entire body of Christ.  There must be a communication breakdown within the highly developed infrastructure which appears to be in place but is apparently an illusion.  Does spiritual content from God have an inadequate vehicle to flow through, in a course towards those who are lost? 

    To add insult to injury an archenemy of the church: nepotism, is strengthened because apostles build their own house instead of seeking the lost.  The scattered seed without is our responsibility, it  rests within the hands of the people of God, but no one’s seeking mentees to deposit wisdom.  Many Elders rather die with wisdom than transfer want they’ve learned to the qualified ones disguised as the lesser in society. 

     We need to see what God sees in individuals, building amiss among the chatter of our own resistance.  If only we sought God as He was worthy.  Poverty will be eradicated.  This shall not be because of the ferocity of man’s insatiable appetite to be praised.  Theft of God’s glory is a high crime; that borders upon the unpardonable sin.  Personal advancement is like a knocking on the door of no return, wherein one is ravished by injustice and excited by sin.  Never forget where you came from and what was sacrificed for you to be strong, people of God; the Saints of the Most High and Children of the King. 

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