MOUNTAINS OF PRAISE A Prophetic Dialogue

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Approaching Dr. M.L. King Jr. Blvd. on Bob Wade, Huntsville AL 35810
Approaching Dr. M.L. King Jr. Blvd. on Bob Wade, Huntsville AL 35810

LORD: The main vapor of your existence lies in me.  The sojourning of your soul is not in vain.  The absolutes are as chaff before me.  Behold the great and mighty city has fallen.  The great shall see it.  As well as the weak. 

Servant: I will behold the great Mountain of Praise.  The ice capped haven for the ave, the clouds on the earth and mist that no man can see.  From without or within the great favor of the Lord has spoken it. 

LORD: Now it is the time to seek me, to hear to beseech.  I will listen to those that gave suck and those who were weaned. 

Servant: The hour draweth night for the sinner and the hope of the just is justified in righteousness for the Lamb of God has spoken it, and I will camp before the Lord who feeds me with good things. (11/18/03)


Servant:  Not my will but thy will be done.  From sunrise, until a darkness sits upon the earth, you are in control.  There is no one besides thee dearest Jesus.  Allow me to dismantle the images in my life, your ubiquitous in all my affairs.  Whatever you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven and whatever is forbidden on earth is forbidden in heaven.

LORD:  I will answer your petitions and seek your heart for secret prayer.  I will make you a fortress like the mighty warrior with Jeremiah.  I will be there.  Inside of you I have secured my treasure and built a great wall of defense.  The foundation remains that are your confession of me.  I will always be there.


Remember you are untouchable in the third step.  Just you step and I will do the rest, I am the Lord.   I have beset you around about. (11/05/2004)


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    Where exactly did u get the ideas to compose ““MOUNTAINS
    OF PRAISE A Prophetic Dialogue Be Well Today”? Thanks for your effort ,Tarah


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