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Photos by Gerald Pendleton, 2011
Photos by Gerald Pendleton, 2011

No, I had to experience life on my terms which I came to realize was a fantasy. The false thrills of my wayward, wanton ways were fed after the undying love of a caring mother, who tried to teach, a hard-headed, know-it-all, spoiled kid.  I lived hard, fast and rough until God took me and showed me through a series of actions that He’s sovereign.  I enrolled in the school of hard knocks and foolishly learned mostly everything the hard way, BY EXPERIENCE.  By the time I found out that being guided by the Word of the God is an indispensable quality of life, my life became inverted by bad decisions.  

I now I serve God in spirit, soul and body with praise, in worship and with my time and substance. I render all to Christ and abide obediently under the leadership of our local assembly.  Satan had me bound but I got away and I’m still running for my life by fighting to maintain a holy lifestyle, with the knowledge of good and evil present, I serve God in Spirit and in truth, Yes Lord Yes.  (7/26/2012)

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