LAITY CAMPAIGN Strenght through Unity (2012)

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Thursday Night, August 10, 2012, Alabama 1st Jurisdiction COGIC: Administrative Assistant W.R. Hughes delivered a script, ordered by Prelate O.L. Meadows, to COGIC members in Northern Alabama.  The service convened at True Light COGIC, hosted by Superintendent Dr. Terrell Harris.  A host of superintendents, pastors and state officials were present along with the laity from the Northern District.  The main theme was directed towards the laity to support the Local, District, State and National Church in that order.  Nevertheless, Supt. Hughes made it clear that every member is a member of the National Church and support of the National Church should not be diminished.

The National Church asks lay members for $20 annually leading up to our International Holy Convocation in November.  Huntsville District COGIC will be collecting laity contributions up until the last Sunday in August.  With the laity’s contributions, the National Church asks credential holders for significantly more than local members.  With recent collections totaling $6 million (far below ideal amount) of more than 6 million members, this amount averages less than one dollar per member.  In the light of superintendents giving $500 and bishop assistants $750, amongst other credential holders for instance, one dollar was still the average of contributions per member world wide.  Recent aspirations are being ratified for the move toward equilibrium.

Hughes expounded upon the text found in Matt. 7:24-27 and elaborated on the importance of Building upon the Rock, who is Jesus.  He spoke of the unsearchable impact of COGIC worldwide, which can’t compare to the $1.75 per month contribution asked by the National Church.  “Even with this, COGIC never forces offerings, it’s free will.  Holiness teaches you to do what is right,” Hughes said.  Our church exists to bring Glory to God and this is shown by extending our resources when the world is suffering.

By Reginald Boswell

Edited by Carolyn Boswell

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