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I would think over a period of time of being incarcerated would rehabilitate the minds of some.  Transforming one’s thoughts to processes that whichs leads to equity.  However, it is shameful to speak of the behavior of many who have been isolated for some time only to perfect the criminal mindset or the mentality that disregards the good fruit of the common good.  Failing to seek after that what is good warps the personality of an incarcerated individual.  In prison it is not fair game as in society many times to remain below the radar and just function normally hoping to flow within the status quo.  No, one must consciously fight for normalcy in a world controlled by demons whose goal is never to release you.  Society rations quotas to fill the vaccuum created to incarcerate people, as every state recieve billions of federal dollars to house inmates.  There is no rehabilitation vaccuum just the prison system.  When youth are selected to enter the revolving door to prison good men seem to vanish in society and breadwinners in certain segments of society become disproportionate by gender.

So where is our hope?  Where can we plough to reap God’s goodness?   I know the answer is within.  I know because the kingdom of God is within.  This is authentic peace.  Outside vultures and vagabonds circle, but I have this certainty.  Jesus lives!  “Because He lives I can face tomorrow, Because He lives all fear is gone.  Because I know He holds the future and life is worth the living because He lives”.  The hope of Christ is a truly transforming hope that gives true peace.  I pray that one day every one who enters the prison system will seek the peace of God.  Then and only then will the recidivism rate decline, when thinking is transformed as people began to put others first.  If this is mandated Department of Correction dollars can be placed in Department of Education coffers and Justice Department Laws will no longer perpetually hook  our youth from behaviors that plague our society.       (February 26 2008)


Alone, but with a family . . . I strayed.  Shall my life be spent to the grave?  Here away from the unfamiliar.  Creation is in my palm, but the pieces are in the wind.  Along with the past, I will accept a grant for a new beginning.  My past is full of familiar faces but they’re acting foreign to my future shore.  While living and working in this society I only want to give goodness but I have my joy grasped and swiped at by clawed predators and by those I know best.  They try to make me abdicate my thoughts of, the weak being strong and the poor being rich.  This understanding comes from above.  To relinguish this  is to die one of a thousand deaths, before my end upon the earth.  Yet, I go to begin, once more the struggle and go again to the place where I started to fight.  I am back!  Older, wiser and stronger with the belief that I will become the heir of the land which yields to the persistant (written 7/3/00 revised 8/15/12).

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